22 September 2016

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Christmas 2016

Christmas spirit is just around the corner. We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate the birth of Jesus rather than with family and friends. For the past two years, December 25 is extra special to us as we have a little miss to join us. This is her third Christmas with us. We want it different. So we are planning to get a fresh tree and have it decorate personally. Personally, I mean using few bits and pieces of our daughter since birth. I also have other things in mind to include for decoration.

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Starting today, I also intend to play Christmas songs everyday to make our home a lot more festive and warm. Using rme fireface 800 to record the music will be cool granted I have the device. Since I don't have it I will then use my old reliable ipod which is docked permenantly on my speaker. I think that will do.

To be honest we are not yet decided whether to spend Christmas here or elsewhere. There are many things to consider before we arrive to a final decision. It will be cool if we can spend it with family. But flying back home will be far too expensive. So that's definitely a no-no for now. Spending the season in the county side is another option. We'll see about that.

How about you? Do you have any plans for Christmas 2016?

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