20 May 2016

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Summer Activities For The Family

Summer is really most awaited season of the year. Different activities are lined-up not only for me and my husband but especially for our daughter. She's 21 months in few days from now and her curiosity on many things make us more busy day and night. So it is just right to engage her in activities she will definitely enjoy.

One thing about my dear toddler is that she loves music so very much. Our house is literally a disco place with her dancing and singing. She also loves to play drums with her daddy. I guess, being a musician is in her blood.

Our Little Drummer Girl


So to start of our summer, we are planning to take her in music festivals where she will enjoy not only the sun but also the good music, good food, good games, bubble machine and loads of fun things.

Plenty of trips in beaches are all set for the whole Summer 2016. Some travels with family from UK, some trips with friends and some vacations will just be the three of us. How exciting!

BBQ and Halo-halo days with friends in theme parks are jotted down in our calendars, provided the weather is not crappy. Well, it doesn't matter really, as long as we are all together to share the day. 

The second birthday of our little miss will end our summer for 2016. We do not have a concise plan yet for the birthday party. Ideas keep popping in our heads. That will be a simple but memorable celebration. The main goal is for our daughter to have loads of fun on her special day.

I personally hope and pray that everything goes perfectly as planned.

How about you what is your plan this summer?

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  1. Awww! She is such a cutie Sis. I missed those days when they are little and loves to explore.


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