20 April 2016

# Child Proofing # Child Safety

Row Row Row Your Boat

"Row row row your boat, gently down the stream. If you see a crocodile don't forget to scream....Aaaaaaah!"

That's my background music while typing this post. In fact, my day is not complete without hearing nursery rhymes with my 19-month toddler. If I don't hear it playing, my little me will be singing it for sure. Every morning, she woke up singing whatever she feels like singing. ABC song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Wheels on the bus, and so on and so forth. Around 17-month old, it will be some sort of name that tune because she still do not know the lyrics. But nowadays, oh my, I am gasping my breath just to sing-a-long with her. 

It's so amazing to see babies grow and learn things. Their brains are really like sponges absorbing everything. At one time, they are just watching and at a turn, they are already copying what they saw. And once they became toddlers that means more energy for us parents. 

At this stage in my daughter's life, I need eyes at the back of my head. She keeps on exploring and experimenting on things around her. Climbing here and there. Opening drawers and cabinets again and again and again and again until you hear... waaaaaah!!! (For sure naipit na yun.) We indeed child-proofed our home but there are few furnitures that we chose not to lock. We just want to leave room for her to explore and discover. Like in the kitchen, I put her cooking/kitchen toys in one of the drawers. Initially, she don't get the idea that it's the dedicated drawer for her and to not open the other drawers. But later on, she got it. So when I'm cooking, she's just there beside me making her own business with safe things to play with. ( By the way, while we're in the kitchen we are still singing. Whew! ) 

This was the first time I caught her playing with my kitchen tools.

So many things for my child to learn and for me also as a first time mom. For moms out there, any tips would be appreciated. 

Have a blessed Friday. 


  1. She is adorable! This is the age where they want to explore everything and no matter how you watch them, accidents still happen.

  2. She is so good in organizing sis lol. My kids used to empty out our pantry.

  3. We need to be like a Pineapple to be able to see what our little ones are up to! But this is the stage in their life which we should enjoy the most because time flies too fast.

  4. ahhh!!!! like you I think I mastered all those nursery rhymes out there for my 16 months old. He loves music and so I encourage him to listen to this every day in order for him to learn how nice music can be. And your little girl seems to be very very curious about what's in the kitchen. as long as those sharp things were not on the lower part, giving her some time to learn some of the things is a great way to encourage them.

  5. Oh hello there little one! I am very happy to see you tinkering on your mommy's kitchen tools. I hope there are no sharp objects there though.

    Mommy Len, when my daughter was the same age as your little tyke, I "baby-proofed" the entire house. That's for starters. I bought baby-proofing kits and tools you can buy from hardwares and even from baby's section of your favourite department store. That's one thing I can share to you after seeing how curious your little princess is. :)

    You can set a small area for her as a playpen. Install a baby-gate and put her toys there, including an activity centre so she can discover new things and learn textures, colours, sounds, etc.

    Always talk to her like you would to an adult. It will teach her to pick up words fast and learn to speak faster than other kids. We didn't "baby-talk" our daughter so she spoke straight even before she was 1. Hindi sya "bulol." hahaha

    Read to her so it will develop a good mommy-daughter bonding and will introduce her to the world of books. She'll end up being a good reader and a bookworm.

    Motherhood is such a beautiful thing. It's a trial and error for first time mommies like us but it's those errors that teach us to device better ways to rear our children.

    Good luck on your motherhood adventures! You'll have fun!!!

  6. Awww! She is just the cutest. Can you please give her kisses from me. I LOVED and MISSED those moments when my kids were babies. There is never a dull moment when they are in that stage to explore.


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