Happy Mothering

11 March 2016
There are lots of first moments in my daughter's life. Being a full-time mother, I have the great opportunity to witness every precious day. Sometimes my dear husband envied the moment because he was not around when she does something for the first time. But I told him not to worry because I caught it in video or photo and besides, there are more of those moments to come.

My baby is now 18-month toddler. She can now carry objects on her own. Having said that, last Sunday, she and her dad surprised me. They knocked at the door and when I opened there she was, holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a trinket on top. Though her words were not clear, the love was loud enough. The best Mother's day ever. 

Though it's my second moms day, still I considered it first as it was the first time that my girl can hug and kiss me to celebrate such special day. Thanks to my  better half for making it all happened (next time your excuse to play outside won't work to surprise me, think of something else then). 

In case you're wondering, in Ireland and UK, mother's day is celebrated on the forth Sunday in Lent. Whereas in most countries, it is celebrated on Second Sunday of May. While on Arab countries, they celebrate it on March 21st which vernal equinox. Nonetheless, the occassion is the same and that is to honour mothers and celebrate motherhood. 

So to all moms / mums/ mamas / nanay / inay, cheers to us.


  1. nova hedges said...:

    Oh that life of motherhood especially when you are a full time mother and witnessed all these amazing things your baby's development, a career and money will never be replaced. Like you I'm glad that I quit my job for now to attend to our kids I had the best moments ever!

  1. This is so sweet. Motherhood is such a blessings isn't it sis?

  1. Elizabeth O. said...:

    Priceless! That's what motherhood feels like especially when your kids show you how much you are worth to them. That's the best feeling in the world. Cheers to you as well!

  1. Dogvills said...:

    I had no idea there are different days to celebrate Mother's Day. This is such a sweet post. Being a mom is the best thing that happened to me.

  1. Awww! I bet it made you teary-eyed Sis. Those moments like that are so precious. Being a Mom is the best ever.

  1. awwww, I think both your daughter and husband are so sweet for cooking up a surprise.

  1. Ria C said...:

    Belated Happy Mother's Day in UK sis. We usually follow the American Mother's Day celebration which is in May. Nonetheless, everyday should be Mother's Day.

    I see that your little one is getting bigger. You must be loving every minute of being a mom. It is a wonderful feeling to be a mom. :)

  1. Oh that is nice sis, you get to celebrate two MOther's day hehehe.

  1. The milestones of our children will always be treasures that will remain in our hearts and minds as parents.

  1. nova hedges said...:

    This is a great way to remember this special days that meant for mothers.

  1. jared's mum said...:

    It really is a big blessing to be a full time mum especially if you are a first time mum, nothing is more precious than to witness your little one's milestones and growth. I have missed a couple of milestones in my baby's life when I went back to work after a few months of going back to work. I consider it a very big blessing that I won't be missing anymore since I have become a full-time stay-at-home mum! :)

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