24 January 2016

# Child Safety # Family

Dear God

Dear God,

I thank you for today, for all the great moments with my family, for all the blessings you've showered upon us and for guiding us and protecting us this day. 

I always believe that you are always there to show me the right ways, right answers and help me make the right decisions when I'm troubled and in doubt. When I'm down, you are always there to comfort me. Thank you heavenly Father for being my strength when I'm weak. Thank you Jesus for loving me unconditionally.

Please continue to help me to become a good Christian, friend, daughter, wife and mother. 

You have given us a precious little girl who never fails to bring joy to me and my husband. I want to bring you back the glory by taking good care of her each day. Please give us extra pair of eyes through your angels in doing so.

As a mother, my heart continues to beat more for my daughter. I don't want her to be in danger in any ways. Please give me a keen mind, body and soul in nurturing and loving her. 

As I rest tonight, I entrust you my worries, fears and hopes. You, above all understands me. You, above all knows me. You've shown me so many different aspects of my life that I should be looking after. You helped me realize that I could do better than what I'm doing as mother and as a wife. 

I praise you Father God for all the blessings and works you've done in my life. All glory and thanksgiving are yours forever and ever. 

I love you Jesus and in your sweet and mighty name I ask all these. 


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