08 December 2015

# Hobbies

Saving My Sanity

Inspired with the beauty of handmade cards I've seen in bookstore, I tried to make few pieces until I found myself enjoying it. I started making cards year 2009. At first, I only use few bits and pieces I have at home (I still do). Sometimes I buy embellishments, outline stickers, decoupage, stamps and other more stuffs. 

I send these cards to my family and friends rather than those that can be bought in shops. I can even style it depending on the character of the person I'm giving the card. More personal touch, I say. 

From time to time I'll be sharing with you my simple creations in this blog under category "Hobbies". I know it's not as extravagant as other homemade cards. But this activity saves my sanity and somehow bring out the artistic part of me (as if there's any :) ). 

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