22 June 2015

# Baby # Child Proofing

Child Safety

Our little princess is turning 10 months old very soon. Her growth and development are pretty amazing. She started to crawl around 5 months. Before then me and my husband made sure that she is safe to move around our apartment. Seems like laying down protector mats on the floor and corner cushions on different areas and furnitures are not enough.

Each day new ideas pop up to ensure her safety. There are plenty of genius tools to help parents like us to do this. But they are expensive and sometimes they are not as good as we thought it was. 

To help us make the right choice in buying any child safety tools, we read reviews online. Don't just believe on what the label says. Check the items yourselves aside from reading reviews. If you already decided what to buy, shop around. Some shops have great offers and discounts. 

We are nearly finished on child proofing our place. She can now freely play around and explore safely. But still at the end of the day, the hypervigilant mom and dad are still the best care and protection she can get.

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