14 May 2015

# Mommy Moment # Motherhood

Actively Yours

Motherhood is my journey with my daughter. For me, it started the first day I knew I was pregnant. And when my baby was born, my life got more exciting. 

Having a baby or a toddler does not come with a manual. As first time mom every thing is unexpected, challenging but graciously fun. I'm so grateful for my husband who's there 24/7 to help, understand and support me. 

The list of things to do around the house grows as my baby grows. But me and my husband agreed, our baby should always go first. If my baby needs me, I'm actively hers. 

Now that she can walk fast, climb the furnitures, run quickly, open drawers and cabinets, put everything on her mouth and other unexpected moves, I became hypervigilant as I do not want her to be in danger. We already child-proof the house right before she can crawl but I need to be more attentive and alert. You'll never know what is she up to the next day. 

Every day as I woke up and face the reality that there's another human being to look after in our household, my heart is bursting with thanksgiving and joy. Thanksgiving because half of me and half of my husband is running around the house to give colours to our days. Joy because every move she makes bring deep love and smile not only in our faces but also in our hearts and souls. She is truly a wonderful blessing from God. 

With that said, she deserves all the TLC she needs. I pray every single day that if my eye is not looking at her, may God's angels continue to watch, guide and protect her. 

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