The Purposes of Playing Puzzles

15 November 2013
Up for a challenge? How about putting together 1000 pieces Jigsaw Puzzle? Okay, you may find it not challenging or relaxing at all but it is really. Not to mention, it is one of many activities that can refresh our ability to concentrate and think strategically. 

A box of Jigsaw Puzzle for €2

Parents should be well aware of the ability and capacity of their child before buying a puzzle best for him or her. Don't just rely on the age guideline written on the box. Children should be encouraged to play jigsaw puzzles not only because it's fun but also of the great effects. 

Effects of Puzzle 
  • Develop the sense of patterning which supports the child's skills in reading, logic and math.
  • A child learns how to think strategically as he put pieces together.
  • You may heard a child talking to himself while doing the puzzle, it is the sign that he is trying to solve the problem. Analyzing which piece goes to a place. 
  • Concentration is another important thing that is developed not only to a child but also to adult. This is the reason why jigsaw puzzle is such a relaxing activity. You are focus in doing one thing. This is definitely a good way of freeing your mind from other things.
  • Playing puzzle creates a quality time with family and improves cooperation seen by sharing techniques or strategy. 

Framed Jigsaw Puzzle

The effect of puzzles have been proven so many times. Although, it is very important to match the puzzle's difficulty to the age  and ability of a child or an adult. Otherwise, a person might get bored because it is too easy or discouraged because it is way to hard.

You must choose a design that is appealing to a child or to you (whoever will do the puzzle). A very familiar thing, place, animals or even cartoon characters are very good options. 


  1. Daphne Benosa said...:

    Agreed! And I love puzzles! We used to solved jigsaws as a family when I was kid. :)

  1. Very well said, we love doing puzzle as a family,. In fact we have so many of them at home.

  1. Different kinds of puzzles for different types of people...and thank you for this article, the effects of playing with it.

  1. We framed the hard ones that we did as a family, ayuko kasi masayang ang effort and time hehehe.

  1. nova hedges said...:

    I have tried this since I've never done puzzle for a very long time, 1000 piece i thought was just fine with me, but i was wrong...until now i couldn't find the rest of what i have started.

  1. Dhemz said...:

    hey, this is something I love to do during my spare time...I'm currently working on my 1500 pieces....just finished my 2500 months ago..:)

  1. Ria C said...:

    Very true sis. I have bought my daughter her first puzzle (the bigger pieces though for kid's safety) and I think it was around 50 pieces. I let her do her thing while watching. I think it helped in her brain stimulus.

  1. Ria C said...:

    I enjoy completing puzzles. I especially love the smaller ones that come in 500s or 1000s pieces. I love the challenge it brings.

  1. Anne Mary said...:

    This is a good past time both parents and the kids inside the house. Geez this reminds me of our puzzle that me and my kids had fun putting it all together nasaan na kaya yun. it was a great bonding for us indeed.

  1. papaleng said...:

    One educational game that experts suggests adults to engage. Nakaka retain if not maintain one's memory raw. Iwas 'ulyanin'. LOL

  1. Candyz Nikka said...:

    I think playing puzzles can be a fun thing to do especially if the person to use it has solved the easiest pieces first. ^_^ This can prevent dementia when we get old too.

  1. Candyz Nikka said...:

    Oh by the way, my nieces and nephew love playing puzzles. They’re doing well in school. I think mind games really help us to be more advanced in learning.

  1. Rcel said...:

    The puzzle is one of the most favorite toys at our home. I think every kiddo loves it!

  1. Marie Imperial said...:

    I love puzzles! They help me think out of the box!

  1. Algene May C. said...:

    I remember the times when I spend most of my vacant time completing puzzles. Thise were challenging yet fun moments in my life, I miss solving puzzles!

  1. My daughter is very good with puzzles but my son has no patience for it.

  1. MzBaker said...:

    I personally never cared much for puzzles, however my son is really good at putting them together.

  1. My daughter who is 3 years old begins to love playing the jigsaw puzzle. It all started when she download puzzle games on my phone.

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