08 October 2013

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Review: Healthy Steps ® Nut Bowl

I eat 5 to 6 meals a day. But I am very strict with the portion. My day is not complete without having snacks. One of my favorite in-between meals is any kind of nut. Although nuts are great source of minerals and protein, still having too much is not good. An ounce of nuts is the recommended portion a day. But how much are you having each meal? Would it be nice if you can measure your snack in easy way?

Thanks to Healthy Steps ® for introducing  a no weighing, hassle-free Nut Bowl. Now, I can enjoy my snacks without worrying of having more than I should have. 

Healthy Steps ® Nut Bowl

The Healthy Steps ® Nut Bowl is made of lid and bowl itself. The lid can be used as scoop. This is great if you are keeping your mixed nuts in a separate container. The bowl have to markings indicating one serving and two servings. 

Healthy Steps ® Nut Bowl

If you choose to measure two servings and you will not eat them all, you can use the lid to cover the bowl until you hear the click sound. With that, you can be sure that the quality of the nuts will not change.

I also use two servings if I'm sharing a bowl with my husband. The wide mouth of the bowl gives you more freedom to grab something inside.

Having snacks in front of a television is very risky because sometimes you unconsciously eating too much. But not with this nut bowl. Even if I'm not looking at the bowl, I'm confident that I'm having right portion. If it's gone, that will be my signal to stop and grab a glass of water.

Nut Bowl my snack buddy.

Healthy Steps ® Nut Bowl is a BPA-free product which means you don't need to worry about chemical mixing with your food like other plastic container. It is also easy to clean. You can even put it on top rack of your dishwasher. This kitchen tool and snack buddy is  available for only $3.99. 

Healthy Steps® sells the kitchen products that will help you serve food in right portions. You can browse their Healthy Prep Tools and Portion Control Tools here.
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Healthy Steps® provided me with free products to review. I always give my honest opinions and reviews whether compensated or not. I only recommend for products I tried and tested and believe will be good for my readers. 


  1. I really those products you posted here from Healthy Steps. I checked their site and I am really tempted to order. Their tools are what I need to help in my lifestyle change to eat healthy, live healthy.

  2. We love nuts and I didn't know there was an actual limit you should have daily. My husband will buy a small can and eat them all. This would be perfect, as long as he didnt just fill it full lol

  3. I really this one sis. I actually went to the site and checked out the other products they have. They're all healthy-related and very useful tool to aid a healthy lifestyle and eating.

  4. Nut bowl is something that I don't have hehehe, would be nice to haver one so I will check this out!

  5. I can see that you love peanut sis, I love eating it while blogging.

  6. I love the concept of Healthy Steps and how it helps you to keep track of your food portion. Cute design too!

  7. This is a great product! I myself am able to control food portions but my husband would eat everything off a pack, whether it's snack size or humongous. :-) I hope I can get one (or a dozen!) of these for him.

  8. I never really measure the portions of what I eat. I think this is something I should consider.:)

  9. I think I need this bowl because I am crazy about nuts myself..


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