Refurbished Alloy Wheels are Not Bad

16 October 2013
Months ago, my husband bought 4 secondhand alloy wheels for €90. It was a big challenge to install them. The mechanic told him that one of them needs refurbishing because there's a slight damage in it and the performance won't be good. Luckily, there's a voucher available at Groupon for alloy refurbishing. He got it for half price about €200. He also requested for the 2 calipers to be painted with red for additional cost.

Refurbished Alloy Wheels

Looking back on how many times he went to the auto shop to have the wheels fixed, it was really stressful. I'm proud of my husband for doing a great job in figuring out on how everything will work with his car.

To be honest, I'm a bit hesitant to agree with the idea of changing the wheels. I thought it's just for the cool look. Apparently, I'm wrong. Alloy wheels improve the handling and grip which helps in reducing fuel consumption. It's because alloy wheels are lighter and gives great improvement on heat conduction.

I may not know all the technicalities but judging with it's function for over 2 months, I can say that my husband made the right choice.

By the way hubby spent less on this refurbished alloy wheels compare on buying new alloy wheels. It's a lot of work but it's all worth it.


  1. Candyz Nikka said...:

    Thank you for sharing about the benefits of refurbished alloy wheels. I’ll share that to my friends who have cars. ^_^

  1. MikiHope said...:

    I am single and not at all mechanical but what you say makes sense. I would have to pay someone to do this for me which would probably cost too much--you are lucky your husband is able to do these things!

  1. Sofia said...:

    I know nothing about wheels, or cars, but being able to keep my family safe while saving some $$ is awesome.

  1. I love groupon! there was even a time I was buying from them every week! :/ They really have great deals we can use to save up on spending, like those you got for alloy refurbishing at half the price.

  1. nova hedges said...:

    that's a good deal, secondhand made is i believe not bad at all, it helps you save money when you choose to do that.

  1. becca said...:

    never thought about refurbished tires

  1. nova hedges said...:

    it's not bad to buy something refurbished as long as we know that this can save us money why not try them.

  1. i can't totally relate to this topic though its a nice information for me in the future when we decided to have our own car.

  1. mhie@smarkydew said...:

    I am thankful my husband is good in car. I know how stressful if you don't know what is the problem. Good job to your hubby.

  1. Tingting R. said...:

    Good job finding a good deal on alloy wheels. My husband would love that.

  1. papaleng said...:

    Alloy wheels are that durable and classy pa.

  1. Algene said...:

    To be honest, I know lessa bout these things! in fact, my younger brother is the one who takes care of upgrading and maintaining my car. LOl

  1. I am clueless when it comes to cars and wheels, good to know that these type of wheels have a better performance.

  1. As long as it is done correctly, it would be like new!

  1. Sarah Jean said...:

    Thanks for this very informative post. I'll share this to my husband, our car might need a change.

  1. Awww! What a skillful husband you have Sis and what a savings too :-) I do not think my husband tried the alloy wheels before :-) He usually go to auto repair shop and do it for him. He is not a mechanic type of husband but can do awesome in other stuff.

  1. Adin B said...:

    There are so many things to consider when owning a car or a vehicle. You are really going to spend a lot when it comes to maintenance and yes, the wheels must be of great quality and condition. I know nothing much about cars, but to drive.

  1. Not bad at all, it's cheaper and it's the same benefit that you get as the new one.

  1. Ria Cervantes said...:

    Thanks for the info. I've been driving for ages but never really knew why there's an alloy and the ordinary types. To me, it's just a mag wheel or a wheel but never knew the relevance in performance and fuel consumption.

  1. Tingting R. said...:

    Glad your husband got a good deal on the alloy wheels. They can be expensive,

  1. April McGregor said...:

    It looks new. You can't tell if it's otherwise.:)

  1. Mommy Liz said...:

    I just changed my 4 tires and cost me a lot of money. I may not know anything about alloy wheels but it sounded like you got great deals in that. Sometimes we just need to think of how to become practical and if the performance is great, then you can really be proud of what you did.

    Liza Barnett

  1. Richie Rich said...:

    i love cars but i don't get myself involve it stuff like these. i let my hubby do all these,!!!

  1. Lainy said...:

    Nice good deal you've got there, Len! And you have got a husband who can do things around cars so that's definitely an added bonus!

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