Polaroid Polarized Sunglasses

17 October 2013
There are many shopping malls around Dublin area. Getting familiar with the closest one gives me an opportunity to know where I can buy quality and affordable stuffs. One retail shop near me is called TK Maxx which also exists in other countries like United Kingdom, Germany and Poland. In US, I think it is called TJ Maxx.

Great brands are available in the store for the price you won't mind pulling out of your pocket. I like their concept of "what you see is what you get". So whatever displayed, that will be everything. This will test the buyers skills to look for great deals. 

To be honest, one day is not enough to turn the shop upside down. But you'll definitely find something you're looking for. Just like in my recent trip, I'm looking for a nice pair of sunglasses. Lucky me, I found this Polaroid Polarized Sunglasses.

Polaroid Polarized Sunglasses

I bought it for €17.00 which is quite cheap compare to it's original price of about £45-£90. What I like about this sunglasses is it does what it claim. It gives my eyes absolute protection against the harmful UV rays. As it is polarized, you are seeing nice and clear colors through it. The frame looks very durable. The shape of the sunglasses itself fits well on me. I say that it is the right one for the shape of my face. It also comes with a Polaroid Case and micro-fibre cloth.

I'm very happy with what I purchased and definitely recommend the brand. 

This is not a paid post. I bought the sunglasses on my own and all opinions are 100% mine. 


  1. Those look nice
    Glad toy found an awesome buy

  1. I love T K Maxx its amazing the bargains you can get in there! x

  1. That looks beautiful sis. My sun glasses is 4 years old but still in good condition, I;d love to buy me a new one.

  1. I like the big ones and round shape ones of sunglasses.

  1. yannie said...:

    I am reminded of your pic that I need to buy a pair of sunglasses for my boyfriend. Hope I'll find one.

  1. becca said...:

    awesome sunglasses

  1. fallenrhainnes said...:

    I used to have one polarized sunglasses but to date I can't remember where was it anymore, somebody might borrowed it and never returned. It's really good for eye protection. Yours are so perfect for your eyes sis. :)

  1. Cherry said...:

    great buy sis. the sunglasses look great on you! i love shopping steals! i wish we have TK Maxx here in Sg too. :)

  1. mhie@smarkydew said...:

    I like polaroid sunglasses. It looks goo on you.

  1. Janeane Davis said...:

    These sunglasses seem like they will do a great job of protecting the eyes and have you looking good while doing so.

  1. I didn't realize TJ Maxx was in other countries under a different (but very similar) name. Interesting! One of my fav stores!

  1. Candyz Nikka said...:

    That’s a cool Polaroid sunglass. It’s a good thing you were able to get it on lower price. ^_^

  1. Jonas Labagala said...:

    I love wearing sunglasses especially when the sun is up and you need your eyes to be protected. It's a necessary thing for me to wear sunglasses as I can't see the surroundings without it. :)

  1. Algene said...:

    I'm not a big fan of sunglasses! Of all my friends who drive, ako lang ata ang walang sunglasses na ginagamit though I own pairs of it. Haha

  1. ems said...:

    Those glasses look good on you, Len! I love wearing glasses too and wish I could also get an affordable Polaroid glasses here.

  1. nova hedges said...:

    oh wow! i didn't know they have branches in dubai now..that's pretty awesome! you can buy branded products without paying the full retail price.. that's what i like most about that store.

  1. papaleng said...:

    You've got a good catch, almost 10% lang ng the actual price. Also, kapag naka- Polariod sunglasses, classy and trendy ang dating .

  1. Verns said...:

    looks nice, I guess I just have to buy the ones coming from China, they're cheap and when somebody would steal or take it I won't feel bad. they look good on you :)

  1. nova hedges said...:

    I love the sunglass style you picked it is indeed very fashionable.

  1. Marie said...:

    Wow! That is one amazing deal you've got Ate! :)

    Just heard of this brand. How I wish it's available here in Philippines.

  1. Adin B said...:

    I love TJ Maxx.. they have amazing designer items in affordable prices. I also love my Polarized Sunglasses as it really does make a difference when wearing it on those days where the sun is just bright. You just can't go without using sunglasses at all as it protects our eyes. Those are lovely looking glasses.

  1. Tingting R. said...:

    I am using a pair of Polaroid sunglass. I used to work for a company, which Polaroid Eyewear was a subsidiary, so I got mine for 10 bucks, regular price 150 dollars.

  1.  gmirage said...:

    It's always nice to get products with a discount! Hope I can find one that cheap too!

  1. I haven't had polaroid glasses. If you are satisfied, I guess I have to give it a try!

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