Nail Art Ish

14 October 2013
I clean and design my own nails here at home. I am not very artistic that's why I'm practicing. Meanwhile , I use stickers to design my nails. That works well for me too. Besides I don't need it so beautiful as it will worn out easily because of my house chores. 

Stickers to design my nails

If you wonder when does nail art started, it was 3000 years BC. Chinese people back then use different materials mixed together to produce a solution. It was then applied to their nails and allowed to settle there for hours until their finger nails turned pink. 

The Indians also have their own way of decorating their nails. They use extracts of Henna plant to dye their nails. It is the same material they use in henna tattoo. Henna substance change colors as the stain matures. Even Ancient Egyptians had their own story to tell. The color of the nails was used to identify the society in which a lady belongs. 

As time goes by, different pigments, dyes and materials were used by different nationalities. It became popular even more in 1917 when the modern nail polish was introduced. 

Nowadays, you can find nail salons everywhere. It's even more exciting to know that they can do your nails the way you want it. I am so amazed with all the designs I've seen. I wish I can do that myself. 

How about you? Do you go to nail salon to have your nails done or you do it yourself?


  1. kulasa zen said...:

    I wish I could paint my nails as beautifully as others can. I used to just clean and cut my nails short myself. These days however when it has become time consuming for me I have a manicurist who visits me each time for a reasonable fee. I love the many designs that are the "in thing" these days. It makes our hands and feet feeling great. I do not have nail polish on my fingers though because it easily wears out anyway because of chores. Happy nail designing! :)

  1. Jonas Labagala said...:

    I find the nail arts equally amazing and difficult to do. You need to be really meticulous when applying it on the nails.

  1. Oh wow I had no idea it started so long ago! Amazing. I'm not good at nail art I have to have to say my hand is not steady enough at all. x

  1. Those are cute, I love the stickers they have out. I would never be able to do nail art without them!

  1. mhie@smarkydew said...:

    That is really cute. I do my nail once in a while since I can't afford to go in parlor.hehehhe

  1. becca said...:

    how cute i love them perfect color for Halloween

  1. What a great option to use stickers. Interesting to know that nail art has been around for so long.

  1. Tingting R. said...:

    That bad at all for a noob! With time and practice, you will be good at it. Plus, you get to save. No more trip to the nail salon.

  1. Janeane Davis said...:

    I don't paint my fingernails because the polish chips the same day and just does not look good. I do buff my fingernails to make them shine, I will polish my toes because the polish will last there for weeks at a time and look good.

  1. April McGregor said...:

    I was never interested in nail arts. but I think some does really look cute.

  1. hi! Where do you buy the stickers? I love doing my nails but I don't have all the time to do nail art, stickers would be really handy! :)

  1. Candyz Nikka said...:

    I love nail art designs too. It’s just my way of showing my creative side. ^_^ Most of the time I keep my nails simple especially when I know I’ll be very busy working.

  1. Beautiful holiday nail polish art sis!

  1. jennyL said...:

    very creative.. I just call my manicurist for home service when I need my nails done. I have not tried nail art yet but my sister used to do that as a hobby.

  1. That's very interesting to know that Chinese started it years ago!

  1. nova hedges said...:

    wow! that is pretty good, there are rare nail artist recently who does it manually, that's pretty cool

  1. Marlena said...:

    would you like to follow each other?
    just let me know

  1. Healy Harpster said...:

    I stopped going to the salon for a very long time. With 2 kids, I have to have short nails.

  1. I was never interested with polishing my nails until my sisters did mine. I am very ticklish so I just do mine myself. :)

  1. Danielle said...:

    i always do my own nails but not very well!

    xx fameliquorlove

  1. nova hedges said...:

    I always wish that I like to paint my tiny nails, this is pretty and good indeed.

  1. Sarah Jean said...:

    I couldn't do it on my own, I prefer going to the salon. But I haven't tried the nail art, just plain nail cleaning without color.

  1. Marie said...:

    Too bad, I can't do nail art on my own. But, my Tita Maris loves to do it for me! :)

  1. Marie Imperial said...:

    I admire your abilities to do nail arts! I don't even know how to apply them myself without going over the nail lines. LOL!

  1. Alison Rigsby said...:

    Fun nail stickers! I was looking at some Halloween ones at Sally's the other day!

  1. MzBaker said...:

    Very cool! I didn't know there was nail stickers lol I would like to try some of them. It's been years since I had a good nail job done. I talking years lol :)

  1. My nails needs some pampering right now.

  1. Olga said...:

    Nail art are sooo beautiful to look at. I myself though have long given up on polishing my fingernails. House chores tend to chip them off after just a couple of days.

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