I Love Garnier Skin Naturals

30 October 2013
I've been using Garnier products for years now. I use UltraLift day cream,  UltraLift night cream and caffeine eye roll-on. 

What I like about these products is that I can feel the great effect from day 1. My skin really feels firmer and smoother in weeks. The best part is that it's not greasy to apply and it really smells good. 

Garnier uses natural active ingredients giving reliable quality to each product. All their products are dermatologically tested making sure of the purity and effectiveness of each item. They also use packaging material that won't harm the environment.

Garnier cares for your skin and for nature too. 


  1. AdinB said...:

    I like their products too and have used them. I want to try their other products though and see if it works for me too. :)

  1. Mel Cole said...:

    I have that garnier green stick. I like using it too! very effective in fading out dark circles and spots.

  1. I have tried their shampoo and though they're okay.

  1. Sounds like a very effective product sis.

  1. MzBaker said...:

    Oh cool I love Garnier products and I had no idea they made this type of stuff!

  1. Ria C said...:

    I also like Garnier products. I like the under eye roller that relieves puffiness and helps make it fairer.

  1. clarizze said...:

    i'm into this types of products -anti-aging cream, eye cream, moisturizers of all kinds. haha. life is fair with the help of such creams :)

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