01 October 2013

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Healthy Steps® Products

For the past 4 years, I've been struggling to attain my target weight. The main reason was the large amount of serving I had each meal. I totally grasp the idea of consuming what's on the plate because I don't want anything to be wasted. I also had wrong choices of foods. I've been hooked on fried and high carb foods, not to mention the unhealthy snacks.

The day came when I said to myself, "I need to lose weight." I'm not that heavy but I don't want to get there. So with my eagerness to bring back my college figure, I seriously think of what to eat and even what to serve to my husband. It goes with the thought of serving the right portion of food each meal. It worked well on me as I lose 23 lbs for the past 6 months. Before  it was very hard as I don't have standard tools to help me measure the food. But not anymore. 

Healthy Steps Products

Thank you to Healthy Steps® for sending me a box of their products to review. Every single thing inside the box can definitely help me and my husband with our diet. 

What's inside the Box?
  • Water Infuser
  • Dressing Lid
  • Nut Bowl
  • Total Tea Infuser
  • Pasta Basket
  • Pasta Server
  • Serving Set

Healthy Steps® sells the kitchen products that will help you serve food in right portions. You can browse their Healthy Prep Tools and Portion Control Tools here

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Healthy Steps provided me with free products to review. I always give my honest opinions and reviews whether compensated or not. I only recommend for products I tried and tested and believe will be good for my readers. 


  1. Wow, sis you've got some nice items right there. I love their kitchen stuff.

  2. You've got a nice haul in there sis. I like Healthy Steps for their generosity.

  3. I got some products from them too and I got the same Serving Set that helps you with portion control.

  4. One time me and boyfie talked about getting our own suff for future.. I like things neat and same with him, hihi.. those ones are totally good products for kitchenware.

  5. I really like their products, my kids love using the cereal measuring cup and the cheese grater.

  6. I like to have one of those products. They will be good for my healthy eating.

  7. Ohh cool I would love all them products I need some new ones soon. I really like their products they look and sound really good!


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