Breaking Bad Fever

15 October 2013
It was almost three weeks since Breaking Bad bid goodbye to the fans and followers. Okay I'm not here to give you review of the best TV drama ever. I'm here to share with you what hubby got from the local shop. It was the limited mug of the bad and genius Heisenberg. I say, he is a big fan because even his ring tones are those you probably heard on some episodes of the show. 

Breaking Bad Mug

Here's the sample of one of his ring tones. 

Have an A1 day!


  1. I have to admit I don't watch Breaking Bad - but that mug is really cool! x

  1. MikiHope said...:

    Sometimes big boys are worse then little boys when it comes to toys they want!! That is a cute mug-at least it can be used to drink whatever out of-if he lets you!

  1. I have never watched this show so I am not familiar hehehe.

  1. jheylo said...:

    I am not familiar with that show, it's nice though that you were able to have that limited mug for keepsake.

  1. jheylo said...:

    This could be a treasure. Limited items can have value in the future.

  1. becca said...:

    never watched Breaking Bad but thinking of maybe giving it a try on netflix cool cup

  1. My husband suggested this show to me but I thought of not watching it especially with the kids.

  1. Well we all have our own favorites in everything. My husband has his own and I pretty much let him collect the things he wishes to.

  1. The mug would be good to use if you want to quit drinking coffee hehehe, says breaking bad.. kidding sis.

  1. nova hedges said...:

    that's pretty nice mug of remembrance of the series, I've never seen the tv shows but i'm sure it would be nice.

  1. Olga said...:

    I'm not familiar with the show, what is it about? I wonder if it's shown in other countries as well?

  1. I don't watch this show either but I read about about it a week ago. The plot is very interesting. I might just download a few episodes of it someday.

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