Angry Bird Pumpkin

14 October 2013
Last year, my husband joined a yearly pumpkin carving contest. we worked on a medium sized pumpkin and carved Angry bird on it. It's our first time to make one so excuse us for the mess we did.

We think that if we are going to join the competition again this year, we should first get a nice carving knife. For the design, we have a lot in mind right now. I just hope we can do it right.

What do you think of our last year's design?


  1. Oh wow that is fantastic! I would never have though of doing such a pumpkin! Eekk x

  1. MzBaker said...:

    Ohh how cool!! I love angry birds, but at the moment I"m hooked on minecraft lol my son would love this though!

  1. I think I am going to have to borrow that idea for our pumpkin. My little one is going to love it.

  1. That is really original, I have no idea what we will do for this year's pumpkin.

  1. Tingting R. said...:

    Wow! Good luck! It seems fun! I would love to experience joining such contest.

  1. Janeane Davis said...:

    I find pumpkin carving fascinating. I do not do it,but I do enjoy seeing what other people create.

  1. April McGregor said...:

    awww.. that is so cute! what a great idea.

  1. That is so creative! Good luck to both of you this year!

  1. Healy Harpster said...:

    That was not bad at all. It does look liked Angry bird to me.

  1. Sooo cute!!! Hubby is getting pumpkins for little girl to carve, too. excited!

  1. nova hedges said...:

    very artistic, i love how you make the pumpkin into something not scary for younger kids.

  1. Alison Rigsby said...:

    What a fun pumpkin to carve! I'm so terrible at pumpkin carving.

  1. You guys are so good in craving pumpkins.

  1. MzBaker said...:

    I just love this pumpkin! Amazing Job!

  1. Ria C said...:

    How cool is that?!? :) I haven't tried carving a pumpkin and that design will be a nice one to try. :0

  1. jo-anne said...:

    This angry bird pumpkin looks so adorable! Cuteness overload!

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