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24 September 2013
Daily, I do yoga exercise to help me relax, kick the stress away and improve circulation. But wearing tight and unbreathable clothes are not comfortable at all. 

Thanks to Onzie for allowing me and my husband to try two of their products. These 100% USA made gears didn't disappointed us at all. 

All in One Tank Top (Back) 

Let me start with the All in One Tank Top. I wore it today during my routine yoga exercise. The above photo show the beautiful style of the top. It's built-in bra, totally give a great support so I need not to worry for any wardrobe malfunction or any accidental exposure of my private area. This tank top comes in three different prints to choose from.

I'm not a tall person so the black top falls just below my hips. But I can also pull it up to my hips as it is how to be worn really. Its' loose design is perfect especially in the belly area. This top doesn't restrict me to do any yoga poses instead it made me shift poses easily and smoothly.  Its free-flow fabric give me the reason to believe that this top will last for years.

Onzie All in One Tank Top (Front)

 Onzie All in One Tank Top

My dear husband is very happy with his new Classic Men's Short. Like me, he also exercise daily. According to him, it fits well on him as he can move freely. The fitted pouch and lining indeed provide full support that he don't need to wear another pair of briefs. It helped him focus on his activities unlike using other type of clothing. 

Onzie Classic Men's Short

Onzie Classic Men's Short

Onzie Classic Men's Short

The fast-drying material of these gears, keeps our bodies cool during our exercises so that definitely contributes to the outstanding comfortability.

Both of these Onzie products are made from 80% nylon and 20% spandex. Onzie uses free-flow fabric technology in all their products. These type of gears are amazing not only in yoga but also in other activities like swimming and running.

I personally recommend Onzie apparels based on comfortability, simple and yet elegant styles, durability, support and price. 

You can follow Onzie on Facebook  for new styles and updates. 

Disclaimer: Onzie provided me and my husband with free gears to review. I only recommend for products I tried and tested and believe will be good for my readers. 


  1. Franc said...:

    These outfits looks really comfortable for Yoga and other exercise.

  1. Marie Dee said...:

    Wow! Would like to have one. I'm starting Yoga na din kasi! :)

  1. Both apparel seemed effective for people who frequently exercise and do workouts like me. :P

  1. oh, I like the top, gives you a lot of room for movement!

  1. lalalaPatricia said...:

    This great apparel lalo na ung top. Sometimes nahihiya ako magsuot ng mga ganyang shorts db girls are expected the same din? Haha conscious lang masyado!

  1. Raya said...:

    Wow, I love both the front and back designs! I am not into yoga but this should be comfortable if you're doing some work outs or zumba, too!

  1. I would love to have one of those,but maybe it's just for home use. I am a bit shy to show my back. Haha! Great design and colors, love it!

  1. I love wearing shirts which can make me move freely while exercising! looks comfy!

  1. Wowoweeee sis, you have a sexy back. I love the one that you picked!

  1. mhie@smarlk said...:

    I'm thinking to go on Yoga. I hope I have more time to go.

  1. I really like your tank top. I went to yoga class last night and I didn't have yoga outfits so I was just wearing a normal t-shirt. It wasn't the most comfortable suit for yoga.

  1. Pinx said...:

    I love that all in one tank top! And way to go for having a husband who exercises with you!

  1. papaleng said...:

    The shorts seems so perfect for me. Pwede ring pangtulog. LOL

  1. Kim Nieves said...:

    Wow! Yoga outfit! Seems like a perfect present for my big sister! =)

  1. pinoy wit said...:

    I would agree with you. Tight clothing is just to uncomfortable for yoga so this one is just perfect

  1. kulasa zen said...:

    The tank top looks perfect to me especially because blue is my favorite color! I can't model one as beautifully as you did though because I have too many fats to burn still hahaha, :)

  1. nova hedges said...:

    I could agree with you on onzie apparel, they are indeed great products. I have reviewed their products and i'm very satisfied reviewer.

  1. Oh I like how it looks! I will check out Onzie's site.

  1. Lainy said...:

    Mukha nalang ang kulang, masisilayan ko na ang ganda mo, Len! :-)

  1. I love your top sis and your husband's shorts is nice too!

  1. Adin B said...:

    I can't wait to have my items from them. It looks like comfortable workout clothes to wear. I love that top.

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