Nude Food Movers™ Smash® Sandwich Box

18 September 2013
Everyday, I prepare my husband's food for lunch. Before, I use sandwich bags to pack his sandwich. Aside from the fact that the food doesn't look so presentable in plastics, I am also contributing to the mess it could make on the environment. I feel bad about that.

Good thing I found this Nude Food Movers ™ 
Smash® Sandwich Box. It's BPA free so I don't need to worry about BPA seeping to food. It's safe to use in microwave and can be washed on the top rack of your dishwasher. It is perfect for three slices of bread with or without the sides. 

This is just one of their products. They also have containers for snack box, salads, drinks, and so many more. 

Hubby is happy with it as he can easily grab his sandwich unlike using sandwich bags. 

Rubbish Free Sandwich Bag

Nude Food Movers™ Sandwich Box is one of the products of Smash Enterprises, a 100% Australian Owned Company. 


  1. mhie@smarlk said...:

    I saw similar one of this smash box in the store today and I almost bought it for my little one.It is really cool in person.

  1. That looks really good for sandwiches to store. I prepare my husband lunches too once in a while but not daily, he gets tired of my lunches lol.

  1. betchai said...:

    cool looking sandwich boxes, i prepare every night our lunch boxes too since we both do not like eating the foods at work or going out from work's premises to eat, we love our own prepared foods. i use lunch boxes too, but I do not prepare sandwich, it's always rice with something else :)

  1. nova hedges said...:

    I always like to buy those kind of products that would help save mother nature from all the garbage that is already around us. use reusable one instead of a disposable right? save you money and save the world, i like this one here.

  1. kulasa zen said...:

    anything that helps save the environment is a must try! :) glad to know there are products like the one you shared which helps us preserve mother nature..the thought of a sandwich makes me hungry here :)

  1. What a very helpful new product! Products like these that promotes healthy environment while giving comfort to the users should really be promoted... :)

  1. papaleng said...:

    Hi..hi..hi.. this is a good food box but I kinda don't like the color.

  1. jennyL said...:

    Wow this is a neat place to put your sandwich instead on tissue, plastic or foil. Wish we have that here.

  1. Cheerful said...:

    wow, that's really nice sandwich box...handy to have them around and it will keep the sandwich fresh and in good shape. I would love it for my kids and K! :)

  1. Ria Cervantes said...:

    That's a great sandwich case/keeper sis. I would like to have a couple of them for me and my kiddo rather than buying those sandwich bags. I feel guilty polluting Mother Nature because of that but products like the Nude Food Movers are a sure way to lessen our plastic usage that are non-biodegradable.

  1. Tingting R. said...:

    It seems like a good product for my household. I prepare sandwich for my lunch too. My husband does not eat lunch.

  1. Lainy said...:

    HOW COOL! I love that too! I'd certainly buy one! I usually have sandwich for lunch too! It looks pretty decent in that sandwich box.

  1. mtrguanlao said...:

    We haven't used any sandwich box even before, sis! but this is surely a great one, instead of the plastic that we always use.

  1. Marie said...:

    Wow! That is one cool thing to have, especially for my dear siblings. They love sandwich and they'll love to have this one for their "baon."

  1. chrisair said...:

    awesome sandwich package

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