Mom Taught Me How to Sew

10 September 2013
Price of alteration here is ridiculous. It will range from €10-20 per pair of pants. With that price, I can buy a new pair of jeans.

I'm so fortunate to grew in a house with a mother who's an expert dressmaker and runs a small dressmaking business. She taught me how to sew clothes. ("Thanks Mom!") With that knowledge, simple alteration is not a problem to me. Before I do it by hand but it's very hard especially for denims.

Spools and Bobbins

During my visit to a good friend of ours, he learned that I knew how to use a sewing machine. He lend me his unit hoping that I can make it work. He bought it second hand. Some pieces are missing too. Thank God, I found the problem and it's up and running now. I still have it as my friend says I can have it as long as I want. But I'm planning to buy my own sewing machine and serger at the end of this year.

Sometimes the challenge in sewing is to have the right color of thread for whatever you will sew. Buying a single spool is a bit expensive too. I bought a set of spools in different colors of thread with matching bobbins. This is very convenient to use as I don't need to wind thread every now and then. It's even easier for me to find what color of thread I need. I got it for €4.00. Not bad, isn't it?

It's very important to know the basic of sewing as it will lead as to save few bucks in our pockets. For me, it's kind of a hobby too. I regularly check our closet to see if there's anything need of mending. Sometimes, I use old clothes to create new pillow case, mats, aprons and many things. 

How about you? Do you alter your own clothes? Do you have a machine or you do it by hand?


  1. My mom taught me how to sew too then we learned it in school. Like you, I alter clothes, make them shorter (they are tall people here aren't they? :D hehe). I was even able to sew my daughter a dress for a friend's wedding. :) Keep it up :)

  1. Verns said...:

    I sew my own clothes, I sew my own bag, I sew our curtain etc. A skill I rarely see in the youngs today. Thanks to my mom too, she was seamstress and we used to run a dress shop. Nice collection you have.

  1. i learn sewing from youtube haha well a bit from my mom. i love crafting a little whenever i have spare time and fix/sew some other clothes as well though i am not really good yet

  1. Ria Cervantes said...:

    I have always wanted to learn how to sew. I learned it from HomeEc ages ago when I was still in elementary. I used to make my PJs, pillowcases, skirt, placemats and anything easy to sew.

    I want to get my sewing machine so I can start sewing clothes that will flatter my built and of course, to saveon money so I don't have to buy expensive clothes.

    I like how you are able to do simple alterations because you can make a simple clothing look fab.

  1. Pinx said...:

    I know how to sew but using the hand. My mother had a sewing machine and she taught me how to use it when i was a small girl. but i don't know how to make a dress or an apron. hehehe.. good for you! i do alter using my hands.

  1. Rcel said...:

    and I say gooooood for you! My mom is a dressmaker, and my older sisters know how to maneuver the sewing machine, too, but NOT me. I know, i so regret not learning it when I was little. I should have! Now, I am too dependent for ready made clothes.

    Visiting here on behalf of my daughter Triz

  1. Lainy said...:

    I admire people like you Len who can actually use the sewing machine. I know how to sew but only manually with the use of our bare hands, and I can't go further than stitching. Hahaha! Better than not to know anything at all about sewing, ain't right? LOL!

  1. betchai said...:

    my late mo taught me to sew too, but sadly, I did not learn it at all, I even was crying when I was in high school so frustrated with myself why I could not learn it, thankfully, my mom was the one who was more understanding than me, she told myself to accept myself if I could not learn it fast, and that I only persevere if I really love doing it, not because she teaches me to do it. anyway, i never did learn, sadly :( I alter my clothes by hand :) I still know how to sew after all, by hand! :)

  1. Awww, good for you sis. I have always been wanting to learn how to sew but our situation back then never gave me a chance. I can sew simple stuff though.

  1. I remember when I was in elementary, I used to sew by hand as we did not have sewing machine. I make pillows and stuff.

  1. Riza said...:

    My grandma knows how to sew clothes. Kaya lang luma na yung sewing machine namin and hindi na magamit kaya manual na lang si lola to repair our clothes.

  1. kulasa zen said...:

    I used to know how to use a sewing brother and I even made curtains for our home back simple design though...these days I do not have much time for crafts anymore...I salute you for being great at this;:)

  1. mtrguanlao said...:

    I learned how to sew in school, sis! And I really enjoy doing it! Whenever there's something to alter at home, as much as possible, I do it using my own hands :)

  1. riz tomacruz said...:

    Oh! How lucky you are. I wanted to go back to high school -i was uninterested then learning dressmaking (part of home economics class)- if i did showed some interest, i should want to be a dressmaker, too.

  1. mhie@smarlk said...:

    Good for you. I know mom does a lot things for us and all my mom teaching I'm doing it for my daughter this time in another way.

  1. Marie said...:

    How I wish my mom knew how to sew but too bad she's not. My Dad knows how but he is always busy and no time to teach me.

    If only I know how, I would have saved a lot of pesos sa pagpapatahi! hehehe.

  1. papaleng said...:

    Mom also told me how to sew and having the basic skills do help a lot. also, my wife taught me about Cross-stitching. And I am good at one. I am a homebody man talaga.

  1. I would still pick the old style sewing machine over the new ones today.

  1. Candyz Nikka said...:

    I love sewing. My mom has an antique Singer sewing machine here. Too bad, it doesn’t have a manual. I’m still figuring out how to use it (no data on net too).

  1. Ileana said...:

    Its great that u argentina alterations are really cheap, but here in austria not at all!!!



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