18 September 2013

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Marley Headphone

In the existence of different brands of  headphones, it's hard to choose what to buy. Of course, there's so much to consider as well. During my retail therapy, I found this Marley headphone. I say, it's really what I need. 

Eco-Friendly On-Ear Headphones


Marley headphones are made of recycled plastic strain-relief, durable canvas, comfortable ear cushions, tangle-free durable fabric cable and integrated microphone with three-button remote. The frame of it is made of steel and recyclable aluminum. I have never used a top class headphone as this. You won't believe that with its' specifications, it only cost €89.99. 

It claimed that it has noise-isolating feature and it's true. I can't really hear any noise from my surrounding when using Marley headphone. It also have 40mm high performance speaker. The Three-Button remote allows me to control the volume, change music, and even answer incoming call. This remote control will work on iPhone, iPod, iPad and newer units of Blackberry. 

Marley Revolution Midnight

Using the Headphone

Headphones give us the chance to enjoy music in a private way. But we must use it properly so we might not end up with damage eardrums or even worse. You should never use headphone while driving or operating machines. Refrain from listening through headphones on more than necessary volume level. 


The Marley products support 1Love.org. Buying this product is somehow your way of supporting the youth and planet.

Marley respects the earth and the people who share it by using eco-friendly materials.
Marley Headphones are name after a global music icon, Bob Marley. The House of Marley are highly committed to produce excellent quality products that are all eco-friendly.
I would definitely recommend Marley Headphone as it will give you the full satisfaction without hurting your pocket. 


  1. For that price I thought it's quite expensive but if it's really that good then it might just be worth your investment for at least three years. I'm not familiar with this brand. Is it available in the Philippines?

  2. Hala this is nice! Very unique! Good to know you support the youth through charity! :)

  3. This is so far so good recommendation for I have not yet tried other brand of headphone. At least I know the specification and other things about this product.

  4. This earphone looks perfect for a nice round of music.

  5. Looks neat! I got beats and really happy with it! This one looks it has good foam...great buy!

  6. Anything made from recycled material, I love! Sounds like a great set of headphone sis.

  7. This post is very useful for those who are considering buying a headphone.

  8. Wow. So there's a Marley headphone. :) I've never really owned a high quality headphone too. I suppose now might be a good time to get one.

  9. OMG! I love the Headphone but I can't afford it. So Sad! :(

  10. Thanks for sharing about Marley headphones. I will consider it in my next purchase.

  11. That's a pretty headset and my daughter will certainly enjoy that.

  12. heard about the brand and mostly good comments... and with them being what they say as responsible to nature, hope many will consider them. Yahweh bless.

  13. Marley headphone looks like good quality headphone!

  14. I am thinking of using a headphone whenever I am working on the computer and my kids are playing here inside the house para makapagconcentrate hehehe


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