10 September 2013

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Casio Baby-G Module No. 5001

I love Baby-G and G-shock watches of Casio. Just like this white Baby-G Module No. 5001. Hubby bought it for me during one of our trips in UK. It's a lot cheaper there plus they got the color I want. 

This watch has 6 modes: Timekeeping Mode, World Time Mode, Alarm Mode, Stopwatch Mode, Countdown Timer Mode, Countdown Timer Mode and Edit Mode. At first, it's a bit tricky to set everything with all these modes. But the user manual provides detailed information about the watch so setting up will be as easy as 1-2-3. 


Let's talk about the specifications of this Baby-G.
  • Digital Timekeeping: It has a full auto-calendar pre-programmed from 2000-2099. Setting of time is by hours, minutes, seconds, day, day of the week and pm (P). It also has Daylight Saving Time or Standard Time setting option. 
  • Analog Timekeeping: The clock have hour and minute hands by which the hand moves every 20 seconds. 
  • Alarms: You can set 5 daily alarms with this watch. 
  • Stopwatch: This mode is very handy when you often use your watch when running or doing any activities. The measuring unit of this Baby-G is 1/100 second while the measuring capacity is 59'59.99" . There are three specific stopwatch modes: elapsed time, split time and two finishes. 
  • Illumination: It uses LED (light-emitting diode) to light up the watch. 
  • World Time: You have 48 cities to choose from as to where you want to pattern your second clock. (Just like in above picture, I followed Singapore for my second clock)
  • Battery: It uses two silver oxide batteries specifically the Type SR726W. The batteries can last for two years if the alarms and illumination are use in moderation.
  • Water Resistance: This Module No. 5001 Baby-G is 10 Bar Water Resistant. It can withstand splashes and rain. It can be use when swimming, car-washing, and snorkeling.
  • Shock-resistance and Vibrance-resistance: This watch can be worn in any sports just don't bump the glass on hard material. If you are doing any activities that has vibration, you don't need to worry because this Baby-G model is fit and tested for that. 

Baby-G Module No. 5001 is perfect for active lifestyle. I've been using this watch for nearly 3 years. It is still working great and I haven't change the batteries since I bought it.Since hubby bought his own G-Shock we were qualified for the deal of 'buy one and get one for half price' st H.Samuel UK. I got this watch for £59 which was half price of it's retail price. 

If you are looking for a sports watch, I personally recommend Casio Baby-G for it's accuracy, style, durability, and price. 


  1. That looks high end and gorgeous sis.

  2. I love that color, too! Baby G has a very good reputation for its durability and great features.

  3. I love Baby G's! I haven't really thought white would look this good, now I'm looking! :D

  4. Baby G and G shock really have very stylish designs and also has cool functions.

  5. I also love Baby G Casio watches but they are just expensive and not aligned with my budget. I bought the gold vintage watch from a Korean online store though for a cheaper price.

  6. Excellent features... I wish I could have some of them for my grandchildren for their Christmas gift.

  7. I agree that this watch is perfect for active lifestyle and the 6 modes are really useful. I also like the specification of being water resistant that even if you forget to remove it while doing other activities expose to water, you watch is safe.

  8. That Baby G in white looks so elegant and can be paired with whatever outfit you're wearing.

  9. i also love to have one... i just need something that can take the everyday vibration of my motorcycle... just perfect for me. Yahweh bless.


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