16 September 2013

# Great Finds # Tools and Gadgets

Button Sticker for iPhone

Button Sticker for iphone/ipad/itouch

My very thoughtful nephew sent me these button stickers for iPhone. It made the home button easy to use. It even add a little beauty to the unit, don't you think?

One disadvantage of using it is that when you put your phone inside your pocket, Siri or the voice control could be activated. Less embossed button would be perfect, I think. Nevertheless, I love it and I'm still using it. 

My phone with button sticker


  1. Oh how cute is that! I think if I have that in my phone, my son would be digging that out lol.

  2. Now this is what I call cute collectibles, haha!

  3. Cute! I want to have one too. But I guess hubby wouldn't be as keen to have that on his black iPhone. I'll wait to have my own that I can accessorize any way I want.


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