13 August 2013

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Security Scissors

I am paranoid when it comes to my security or my family's security. Every document that had our names and private details need not to be thrown in the bin by just crumpling. Identify theft is pretty much happening nowadays and one of the reasons is someone else intentionally go over your trash. Gross but true.

During one of my retail therapy sessions, I accidentally come across this '5 Blade Security/Kitchen Shredding Scissors'.

Not just a pair of scissors.

This is such a brilliant tool. I bought it for €1.99 which is very cheap for it's amazing function. I will no longer use my hands on tearing all my old private documents, bills, bank statements, receipts and other important papers before dumping them. It is so easy and fast to use. I don't need to buy those expensive shredding machines either (which I always want to have).

The bonus about this shredding scissors is that I can use it in my kitchen in preparing salads and other leafy vegetables. Just need to remind myself to wash it before and after every use.


  1. Haven't got one of those scissors but it sure is handy to keep one especially in tearing papers and docs that carry private information.

  2. I have a shredder at home and you are right, every paper with your name on it should be disposed of properly.

  3. ohh wow those are so neat. I will have to find some of these, I know my son would probably enjoy shredding paper lol be a good idea for easter grass made with construction paper too!

  4. This is really a good way for keeping identity theft issues away. This is necessary to shred all the documents which are not in use because they can cause a lot of trouble for you if they get some dirty hands. Sometimes when you have a lot of papers to shred then you can go for a micro-cut shredder. This will get you done with them easily and frequently.


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