One Perfect Mackintosh For Me

23 August 2013
When autumn, winter and spring kicks in, jacket, coat or mac becomes a necessity. In order to stay in fashion, you must have good selections of these type clothing.

I went at Debenhams store to check out the Summer Sale. Tons of choices you have there when it comes to coats. I've been hunting for a mackintosh that I can still use during autumn and winter. Since it's always raining here, a waterproof coat will always keep me warm. 

I tried every piece I like but they only have black and taupe colors. Black looks okay but I already had few black coats. Taupe is a no-no for me. I was about to buy the black one but my size is not available. Hmm, not meant to be, I guess. So I got home and checked it online.  

Thank God I trusted my instinct. To be honest I was a bit hesitant to buy it because I find expensive but hubby says "you need it and you like it, I'll pay for it." Okay, who am I to turn down the blessing. :) 

So here it is the Fawn short mac by The Collection, one of the brand names at Debenhams. 

The headless me wearing Fawn short mac by The Collection at Debenhams.

I love the color of this coat because it match well in any colors and any type of casual clothes. It's length of 75 cm is good enough for me. It is made of 55% cotton and 45% polyester. The lining of the coat is 100% polyester. The best part is I can wash it at home and no need for dry cleaning.

The original price of this mac is €59. Since it was on sale that time, I got it for €32.40 with free delivery. I checked it again online and still on sale but for €47.20.  think I got it for great deal, right?

Thanks sweetheart for this. I love you. 


  1. I like that type of coat sis, daya di pjnakita ang mukha hehehe. Such a great deal you've got!

  1. betchai said...:

    looks great on you len, despite the headless pic, but I could tell how elegant is the lady who wears that coat :)

  1. I must add, long hair ka din pala sis and ahem.. very sexy!

  1. Ria Cervantes said...:

    That short trench double breasted trench cute is so chic! I have a similar cut but not from Debenhams. I bought it form the US and is has a hoodie as well which I really love. It was effective warming my head during cold seasons in the US. I love your coat! It's so pretty!

  1. You sure got it at a good deal. I don't have clothes like that here, it's too hot in the Philippines. But sometimes, I do like dressing up in trenches, but I need some thunderstorms to get out in that ensemble.

  1. Rcel said...:

    Jackets and coats-- they're what occupy the biggest space in my closet! Lol. My husband and daughter always ask me why I have to have a lot of jackets. Fashion-wise, they can never understand that. Lol. By the way, I like your mac. :)

  1. papaleng said...:

    Very nice coat or jacket ba? Social ang dating and definitely you have a great deal.

  1. Ria Cervantes said...:

    I really like that trench coat and the color, oh la la!

  1. nice coat! i only have one coat since i live in a tropical country and only coat since we only go to aussie once a year in winter i love debenhams

  1. Looks good on you! And that's double the happiness because its your husband who bought it for you... Sweet ah... :)

  1. I like the color and the tailoring of your coat!! Seems likes you are ready for winter....:-)

  1. Jean said...:

    Nice coat dear, you'll look sophisticated upon wearing that. :)

  1. nova hedges said...:

    that coat is adorable, very nice indeed and would be a perfect addition to my collection.

  1. kulasa said...:

    it indeed is a great deal...would love to see another photo this time with you smiling hehe :) you are so lucky to have such a thoughtful sweet husband...:)

  1. mtrguanlao said...:

    I love its color too sis! Looks very comfy!

  1. Cheerful said...:

    that's a nice one, and really looks comfortable...aside from, yes, its a good deal. :) have a great week. xx

  1. This is perfect for Fall, we are now in 40s so I am already bundled up l hehehe.

  1. April McGregor said...:

    That is pretty. I love the color too. Very classic.

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