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16 August 2013
One thing you need to know about me is that I love to watch movies (at home or at cinema). Odeon is my favorite movie house. Why? Let me enumerate my reasons.

1. One of their branch is located about 10 minutes (by car) away from our house.
2. It is located near shops. So if we're early for the show, we can roam around.
3. There's a Starbucks just outside the cinema. (Sorry, I can't resist stating this.)
4. Tickets before 1pm are cheaper. It is about 30% off the standard ticket price.
5. Wednesday is bargain day. Meaning, all movies anytime is €6.
6. Reward Card is available to use. Just get the form with the card in it and register online. 

There are two Odeon Premiere Club packages. The only difference is the introductory points you get upon signing up. The Classic is €1.99 with 100 Odeon Points in it. And the Ultimate is €9.99 with 1,000 Odeon Points plus double the points for the first month. 

Collecting points is as easy as 1 2 3. Buy anything in Odeon (tickets, food, drinks or any goodies). With every €1 you spend, you'll earn 10 points which will be added to your card the day after the film you watched. 

I'll give example of what you can spend with the earned points. I watch movie mostly after 5 pm, an adult standard is worth 1200 Odeon Points by that time. Anything earlier than 5 pm will be less than that. I always shared popcorn and drinks with hubby so we always go for Large Popcorn Combo and that is worth 1000 Odeon Points. 

Okay let's do the math. When can I have a movie ticket out of my points? Standard ticket cost €9.50 multiplied to 10. I get 95 points every time I watch at Odeon (granted I don't forget to scan my reward card). I don't go alone. So it's always times 2. For the large popcorn combo (€9.50 per combo), I can get 95 points too. For the total of 285 Odeon Points. So I need about 4 - 5 regular visits to cinema before I can have enough points to buy an Adult Standard 2D Ticket. That's fine, I can wait. It is better than nothing at all. 

Although I cannot use my Odeon Points on Odeon Plus and special screenings, it's okay. I don't watch special screenings anyway. Since I signed up for this Odeon's reward card, I can't remember how many free movie tickets I got or how many Popcorn Combos I redeemed. All I know is that I'm enjoying it a lot. 

Is the cinema near you offers the same?

Disclosure: I am not working at Odeon Cinema and I am not paid by them to do this review. I just enjoyed their service so much. 


  1. I dunno any company that offer that kind of perk over here. A free movie for the whole family would be great.

  1. working mama said...:

    this is such a huge saving for family\s movie fun.. sad that there's no company with this kind of perks here

  1. we love movies too! we watch movies every night as our family time before we go in bed and share popcorns. this is really good for those premieres and having with the family is better though we just use free movies online most of the time.

  1. betchai said...:

    like Rose, I do not know of any cinema with this kind of generous promo, however, both I and hubby enjoy discounted cinema and entertainment tickets from our work, i guess some companies perks in encouraging families to recreate. we do get more than half the price off, but we still have several tickets here given to us maybe more than 7 years ago that we have not used, thankfully, they don't expire.

  1. Algene said...:

    I also love watching movies pero at home nalang because of my busy schedule but if I have time, I prefer watching it on the big screen.

  1. Collecting points is one great idea to enjoy the things that you like to do.

  1. Tingting R. said...:

    We used to go to theater to watch movies, but now, we view it using movie-on-demand.

  1. nova hedges said...:

    good ways to get rewarded after a long exhausting day.. that's good to get free movies.

  1. papaleng said...:

    Odeon is my fave moviehouse too. Sa may Avenida nga lang. LOL But just like you I was movie adik back then.

  1. Hope to visit Odeon too in the future... :)

    I normally don't go to Cinema unless it's a date... :)

  1. kulasa said...:

    the hubby and I love watching movies too....I wish cinemas in my locality have promos like that too! ..hmmmm craving for some popcorn now and a great movie beside the hubby! happy watching! :)

  1. Anna said...:

    Looks like a good deal especially for shoppers. yay!

  1. mtrguanlao said...:

    Well, since it is costly to watch movies these days, I seldom go out and watch on a big screen. But if we have time and money, I still go for it, hehe! Nice movie house you have there!

  1. Mari Bella said...:

    This is a very good offer. What a very generous company.

  1. cheerful said...:

    our family love watching movies at home (mostly) or cinema, too...:) but that's great marketing strategy, people will be more encourage to watch it in theater by getting rewards. nice that you was able to claim a lot already, that saves some money too! :) happy weekend.

  1. Riza Acebuche said...:

    Nice to earn points while waching movies that you can use in the future.

  1. Marie said...:

    Wow! That is really cool. Enjoying a movie then getting points? I'd love that!

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