Dream Kitchen

19 August 2013
Since I started to cook, my desire of having a big kitchen also began. One time at Ikea, I spotted this red-motif kitchen. I love a kitchen with plenty of cupboards and drawers. It gives room to my cooking utensils and groceries. Imagine a counter top that is always neat because everything is kept in their proper places. 

I am also particular with the lightning. I like to have a kitchen with very good sources of light, ambient and electric. I would like to have a different dining room in my house. And the one below will be replaced with a center counter top with few high chairs maybe and again plenty of cabinets and shelves.

With regard to color, red is not my first choice. I'm thinking of white or cream. But I still need to look around. Well, I'm just dreaming anyway so I'll stick to red for now.

What do you think of my dream kitchen?

Dream Kitchen


  1. Wow in vibrant red? I love the lighting!

  1. Olga said...:

    Red looks so dramatic! You can even entertain guests (of course only the closest friends) there. My dream kitchen is one in pastel colors though - mint green, baby blue with touches of pink and lilac. Hmmm...I'm now thinking it's going to look more like a nursery. :P

  1. Jack taylor said...:

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