01 May 2013

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Thoughts for a Tote

In reality, bags are used to put our stuffs. We need specific bag for a specific occasion. It is so strange to bring a sports bag when you are wearing an elegant dress. Or go for hiking with your handbag. But women become so enthusiast of bags that lead to spending lavish amount of money for designer bags.


Women have so many reasons to justify their passion. Have you heard of the following?

1.       My friend have it, why can’t I?
2.       I need new bags to match my new clothes.
3.       I have a spare amount of money; I’d rather buy a bag.
4.       I don’t think I have that kind of bag yet. It’s a new style.
5.       I want to impress my friends, boy friend or suitor.
6.       This is on sale. I must buy it now.
7.       Just love it.

At the end of the day, you’ll find your closet with loads of bags that are not even used.  We don’t need new bags every time we are going to a party or other occasions or to amaze people.  If you belong in high society or you are earning much as you wanted, go on.  But given the economy crisis right now, might as well spend the money for what’s necessary.  

I am a hypocrite if I say, I don’t like bags or I don’t get tempted buying new bags. I do. But I am controlling myself seriously. I have plenty of bags right now but I did not buy all of them. So the urge of acquiring a new one can be put aside. Most of my precious bags are gifts and some are rewards. Like my gray Longchamp Paris bag which I claimed it through miles earned for flying with KLM.

This particular tote bag is made of synthetic trimmed cowhide leather. It’s dimensions are 31x30x19 cm, big enough to carry all my belongings when on a short trip. What I like about this bag is that it’s simple yet fashionable. Plus, it is so easy to maintain, just use water, mild soap and soft brush or cloth.

In a retail shop, this bag will cost $168.00 and I’m glad to have it for free. Yes, after careful consideration, there is really no need to buy a bag every pay day. It is just a part of a routine retail therapy of a woman which I believe can be avoided if desired. For now, I will just wait for more rewards to come in. Who knows, I can have my own LV bag through those advantage points. 


  1. I don't like to compete with other jones or joneses , I buy girly stuffs coz I like it and I want to spoil myself and I have something to use for. You have a good taste and I like the color.

  2. I am not really choosy when it comes to bags nor like to stack so many. I usually have some as gifts but don't really buy them.

  3. Hihihi! My reasons why I keep buying new bags are aptly mentioned in this post. Numbers 2, 4, 6, and 7 are always my justification, no matter how the husband raises his brow every time! LOL.

    Nice choice that is by the way! ;-)

  4. This is one post that every woman should read. I always get easily tempted with the new things I see im the malls and online shops. I know I need to be im control :)

  5. I have to agree with you...oh, women! that is really nice...plus it's FREE!

  6. I am such a huge sucker for bags and my reasons always fall on the ones stated on numbers 2, 3 ,4 6, 7. I will have to keep you as inspiration for resisting the urge to splurge on bags every payday. That sounds like so me! LOL!

  7. great that you get this branded bag for free. i'm envious :)

  8. I love the insignia on this bag sis.

  9. That's a nice bag, however I'm not one to carry a bag or purse of any kind. :) My aunt would love it!

  10. le pliage - i sooo waaanttttt!!!!


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