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01 April 2013
I bought this simply looking bag organizer at Penneys (Ireland's Primark) for €4. It has 14 pockets to put all my stuffs that I usually bring when going out. The middle compartment can fit an ipad, so that's basically it's length. Transferring it from one bag to another is easy because of the handle. And I don't need to remove every bits inside. 

Bag Organizer / Gadget Tidy

I'm actually looking for this one for quite sometime. I can't find what I really want. Fortunately, I got my eyes on this. It matches on most of my bags because of its neutral color. As the tag implies, it is actually a gadget organizer. Also I can put few of my other things like wallet, make-ups, sanitizer, lotion and so many more. It is such a brilliant creation. Plus, my actual bag looks so neat when you open it. I don't even have a hard time finding what I need. I just need to remember designated pocket for certain thing.

It is one thing I never regret buying. It made my life easier. :)


  1. Kha Arabejo said...:

    Formerly I don't care about bag organizer, but now that I have a toddler, I realized the importance of it in a mom's blog.When I was single I usually brought pouches or back pack if necessary but now I always tagged along with me a big bag enough to carry all my baby, husband and my stuff. Just right in time I am looking for a new wise bag, and yes I love the color too.

  1. That is cute and tamang tama for storing your valuables when traveling.

  1. papaleng said...:

    Nice bag and it seems nice also for men. 14 pockets, you can put a lot of anik-anik in there. So sure my wife would love to have one.

  1. I am pretty sure this is good for laptops too. It looks convenient to carry around. At the cost you paid, not bad at all.

  1. Cheerful said...:

    wow, that's cool...must be really nice to have like that! i need one to keep my bag organized, specially having 2 kids around...really great idea. thanks for sharing.

  1. Rovie Aguis said...:

    I remember buying this one but gave it to my former boss to help her organize her stuff. Now that I am reading your post, I am reminded of looking for one or me to make my life easier too. :)

  1. I love the color. Can you fit an iPad in it?

  1. lencilicious said...:

    Rose, yes an iPad fits very well in there. The zipper is just perfect to secure it inside.

  1. MzBaker said...:

    WOW 14 compartments! So this is like a purse? I haven't carried a purse in years lol but that looks like a nice bag!

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