09 August 2013

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Ways To Cut Food Costs

It is very common in one household to spend more than the budget. Planning is important prior to shopping.

1.Plan meals a week at a time and limit shopping trips to once or twice a week.

2.List down all items you need to buy in supermarkets or shops. Stick with your
list and you’ll be surprise to see your pocket with extra money.

3.Never ever shop when hungry. You will surely be tempted to buy unnecessary goodies.

4.Another thing to consider is time, shop when you don’t need to rush. If possible, shop without children.

5.Keep a constant shopping list, and add items as soon as they run low. In this case, you will save on urgent trips to shops just to buy single item.

6.If possible, buy the exact package or size needed for your recipe. It’s always nice to see your cupboard and refrigerator with leftovers or unwanted items. Always, try mall portion when trying new food, in that case, if you don’t like it, you will lose less.

7.Use shop coupons and money off offers only when you buy the product.

8.Watch out for hidden costs once you prefer to have your food delivered.

9.Keep a record of the costs of items you usually buy. In such way, you can tell which items really are on sale. If canned good you normally use go on sale, feel free to stock up. But don’t forget to check the expiration date.

10.If unit pricing is on hand, use it to match up brands and sizes. But always bear in my mind, quality should be considered.


  1. I could never plan meals ahead as I cook whatever my lovelies are carving.. Thanks for the tips sis.

  2. LOL I think that is a lot of my problem. I walk in the grocery store with a list, then I end up with more than I have on list, usually cause I forgot to add it and it goes with something. lol I always end up with more than expected or intended

  3. We always stick to our grocery list too. My problem is my husband when he's doing the shopping, he buy what is on sale and sometimes those on sale requires you to get more like 4 for $1 cans of pop. Argh!

  4. we mostly buy in bluk since we are costco person, but we do still grocery shop once a week, but mostly for fruits and vegetables since our diet is mostly on these, other than that, i only buy what we need, like Rose, I could not plan ahead for what to eat in the week too, I tend to plan what to cook only for the ingredients that we do have.

  5. Just like Mel, my problem is my husband too, he always buy things that aren't on the list.

  6. i always have a list and i usually follow that list, but there are times that i buy those that are not on my list. i also don't plan meals ahead, what usually happens is that when i see what's in the grocery, meal planning comes along! lol! oh, i never shop hungry! i always make sure i am full because it is so "dangerous" to shop when the tummy is empty! i have heard this line so many times since i am a cashier in a grocery store here.

  7. Use shop coupons-- that is a shopping treat for me! It indeed is very important to plan our shopping wisely, otherwise, we will end up broke.

  8. Affordable price must always come with high quality products! Quakity must always come first :)

  9. I always my my grocery list when shopping. I use an app in my smartphone before heading to the store.

  10. Tip #3 got me smiling. So true nga . My wife see to it na she will not be an impulsive shopper.

  11. Nowadays it is indeed smart to do a list and budget the things you buy. We can't afford to have things being put to waste.

  12. Honestly, I don't really plan our meals or list down our shopping needs..one thing I should really do, hehe!
    I love discounts!


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