Home Sweet Home

09 August 2013
How does a spotless house sounds to you? Is it great to live in a place free from irritating dirt and clutter and even unwanted smells? Well, let's screen the house. It's time to wear our cleaning gloves and let's start scrubbing...

People have different perspective to what cleaning means to them. Some say, "As long as I still have clean utensils available, I will not wash the dishes." Ooops! Sounds scary, but true. There are individuals that will not touch scrub and soap until they have nothing to use.(Lucky if they have soap or scrub.) But others say, " I can not live with a strand of hair on the floor." Wow, I would definitely expect that those people have immaculate houses.

The fact is we need to live in a surrounding that will give us clean air to breath and a place and space for us to enjoy. Look around, I bet you've seen load of things that requires your attention. Try to check it out if they still can be of use to you. If not, don't be shy to let go. Or else, it will end up another nonsense beside you. We need to live healthy, so don't let rubbish ruin it. Cleaning, aside from maintaining the beauty of your house, can also protect you and your family against dirt and germs.

Let's just think that after a long day in the office or after stretched hours of running the house, it's always sweet to be in a comfortable home.


  1. I wish that I could do cleaning everyday. It is so nice to live in a home that is spotless clean and clutter free. I just got done organizing my kids room today, let us see how long will it take to stay that way.

  1. betchai said...:

    I try to keep a house clean since it's just relaxing and less stressful going around the house with less mess. since i bring work at home, i find it hard to work or focus with so much clutter. however, i am not in the extreme where a dust or grain of sand will piss me off that i will stop from doing what i love to do just to keep a house clean. I do what i love doing despite they may make our house messy, I just find time to tidy up and clean the house.

  1. Tingting R. said...:

    Clean as you go. This is our motto in our house to keep it clean.

  1. Jean said...:

    It is really comfortable to have a clean house, especially when you have kids at home. Not just only clean but also safe from harm. :)

  1. jennyL said...:

    Ahhh... wish our home can be spotless but it will never be I guess. It's not easy cleaning and making it neat as much as possible...

  1. papaleng said...:

    I'm more of the second type of individual mentioned above. Gosh, iritado talaga ako if i find something not in its proper place.

  1. cheerful said...:

    i hope i can clean our house as spotless as I want it to be but having two kids around...who loves to play, I doubt. but in the kitchen, its clean as you go for us. :)

  1. Riza Acebuche said...:

    Ow I wish I have free time to make our house spotless too!

  1. Algene May C. said...:

    Home is the best place to be in kaya we have ti make sure to make it a comfortable place at all times :)

  1. Keeping your house spotless is just hard to maintain when you have kids and pets but I agree, having a an organized and clean home is a must.

  1. Cherry said...:

    sometimes i go crazy (OC) about every little dirt i see. i love cleaning among other things but one thing i am sure of, my house will never be spotless. :D

  1. Mai Songalia said...:

    My house is always a mess. :) I wish I could be as organized as other moms I see. I put everything in order and I turn my back for just a sec and it's messier than before I clean it, haha.

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