Message in a Banana

15 June 2016
There are numerous ways to say "I love you" to the person you love so dearly. Putting them into actions will be the best. But writing those three words in a banana is so cool.

Banana note
Hubby didn't know this until it's time to eat his lunch. I got a very sweet kiss when he got home from work. Relationship goal - ACHIEVED!

Summer Activities For The Family

20 May 2016
Summer is really most awaited season of the year. Different activities are lined-up not only for me and my husband but especially for our daughter. She's 21 months in few days from now and her curiosity on many things make us more busy day and night. So it is just right to engage her in activities she will definitely enjoy.

One thing about my dear toddler is that she loves music so very much. Our house is literally a disco place with her dancing and singing. She also loves to play drums with her daddy. I guess, being a musician is in her blood.

Our Little Drummer Girl


So to start of our summer, we are planning to take her in music festivals where she will enjoy not only the sun but also the good music, good food, good games, bubble machine and loads of fun things.

Plenty of trips in beaches are all set for the whole Summer 2016. Some travels with family from UK, some trips with friends and some vacations will just be the three of us. How exciting!

BBQ and Halo-halo days with friends in theme parks are jotted down in our calendars, provided the weather is not crappy. Well, it doesn't matter really, as long as we are all together to share the day. 

The second birthday of our little miss will end our summer for 2016. We do not have a concise plan yet for the birthday party. Ideas keep popping in our heads. That will be a simple but memorable celebration. The main goal is for our daughter to have loads of fun on her special day.

I personally hope and pray that everything goes perfectly as planned.

How about you what is your plan this summer?

Too Beautiful Not To Share

19 May 2016
If you didn't hear me shout at the rooftop (almost two years ago) saying that I gave birth to a lovely child . Please allow me to share with you my first photo with my daughter. Needless to say, this means a lot to me. Time was frozen that day and my heart was pounding so hard and loud.  I'm so grateful to my better half  for he never left my side from labour to delivery. That means a lot to me too.

It's a girl!

Now, I'm a full-pledge mom. Can't get any better than that.

Happy Daughter, Happy Mommy

22 April 2016
My normal weekday is being with my daughter all day long. But when husband needs to do some over time at work, my playtime with my girl is also extended. I can feel that she missed her dad today. They have their own way of bonding and fooling around before going to bed. Tonight, she fell asleep without daddy home yet. ("Don't worry baby, tomorrow is Saturday and daddy is all yours." )

Every day is full of excitement and challenges. But with focus to give the unconditional love to your child, all is well. No matter how hard and tiring, your child's smile and laughter are enough to make everything great. 
My Happy Baby :)

I will never ever regret my decision to mind my daughter every day, every hour, every minute. It's all worth it. I know, because I can see that she is one happy child with me and daddy beside her all the time.

Row Row Row Your Boat

20 April 2016
"Row row row your boat, gently down the stream. If you see a crocodile don't forget to scream....Aaaaaaah!"

That's my background music while typing this post. In fact, my day is not complete without hearing nursery rhymes with my 19-month toddler. If I don't hear it playing, my little me will be singing it for sure. Every morning, she woke up singing whatever she feels like singing. ABC song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Wheels on the bus, and so on and so forth. Around 17-month old, it will be some sort of name that tune because she still do not know the lyrics. But nowadays, oh my, I am gasping my breath just to sing-a-long with her. 

It's so amazing to see babies grow and learn things. Their brains are really like sponges absorbing everything. At one time, they are just watching and at a turn, they are already copying what they saw. And once they became toddlers that means more energy for us parents. 

At this stage in my daughter's life, I need eyes at the back of my head. She keeps on exploring and experimenting on things around her. Climbing here and there. Opening drawers and cabinets again and again and again and again until you hear... waaaaaah!!! (For sure naipit na yun.) We indeed child-proofed our home but there are few furnitures that we chose not to lock. We just want to leave room for her to explore and discover. Like in the kitchen, I put her cooking/kitchen toys in one of the drawers. Initially, she don't get the idea that it's the dedicated drawer for her and to not open the other drawers. But later on, she got it. So when I'm cooking, she's just there beside me making her own business with safe things to play with. ( By the way, while we're in the kitchen we are still singing. Whew! ) 

This was the first time I caught her playing with my kitchen tools.

So many things for my child to learn and for me also as a first time mom. For moms out there, any tips would be appreciated. 

Have a blessed Friday.